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Rhode Island, USA/London, UK

Tourette's Syndrome is a neurological energy storm wherein the bearer is compelled to involuntary movements known as tics. I have lived my life with this condition, always compelled into motion. Whilst painting however, I am entirely still; the energy is redirected instead into visual art. Stillness through movement. This has become the philosophical basis of my work, for the exploration of the union of opposing forces. Not just a coexistence, but a confluence. The world becomes bigger.

I draw heavily off the influence of synesthesia, representing the non-visual experience in a visual format. In this way I open the discourse surrounding what reality is, giving credibility to experiences that we do not share in an acute way, but are part of the greater human condition of being a lifelong seeker, open to the validity of the intangible.

My works are held in multiple private and public collections throughout the United States, United Kingdom and Australia and I have collaborated with prestigious cultural institutions including the Rhode Island National Wildlife Refuge Complex and the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Arts. An avid traveler, I have lived in diverse regions of the United States and have recently completed a 6 month tour of western Europe.

Under the "Available Works" tab, you will find a selection of pieces listed alongside price and shipping location. If you are interested in a piece and live near the shipping location, I will do my best to arrange to exchange in person and avoid the additional costs of shipping. Additionally, if you would like to see a piece in person, please reach out and we can work to arrange a viewing.

I offer commissioned works in both water based and oil mediums and will be happy to meet with you in person or via skype/telephone. Please do not hesitate to use the contact form found on this website to reach out with any queries. I am more than happy to work within your color, size and budgetary specifications.

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