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Duality in vision

Common advice for small businesses is to realllllly narrow down your focus area. Like, super narrow. BUT if my business is art and art is a reflection of my person, wouldn't I want to expand that? My art is a living, breathing entity (bear with my metaphors) that cannot and should not be limited. Those of you who have been with me for awhile here probably have noticed that my oil paintings evoke a very different feeling than my watercolors. I paint these two bodies of work when I'm in different states of mind, or rather when I'm celebrating flip sides of life. When I paint watercolors I am bright, and light and have a great peace within me. When I paint oils I'm going into a cave so dark that it is illuminated only by chance strokes guided by intuition. This is why you often see the theme of a narrowed tunnel in my large works.

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