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Speak out (as inspired by Berlin)

Updated: May 23, 2020

What struck me most about Berlin was the continued emphasis on reassessing what was being done to repent for the past, and acknowledging that the past is still present (this is a practice that needs to be put in place by many more countries, my own included). I am often privileged by the communities I surround myself with; artists are notorious for being radical thinkers, with often the subsequent ostracization being fodder for more charged compositions and messages. I am far away from Berlin now, but I'm wishing I were near to be able to attend KOW's exhibition "The Fuel of Your Lives Becomes Ashes in Ours *”. Touching on unacknowledged class wars, and the role of the artist in opening up public discourse, it is a powerful reminder that my own safe community of people is not enough - it is of the utmost importance to reach out with the work we do. Art and artists serve many purposes, both of this world and beyond it. Their press has articulated the story behind their exhibition incredibly well, I do wish you read it at It can be daunting to speak out against the mainstream, and you will face cunning disagreement and threats against your well being. I admire KOW greatly for their choice to present a body of work on this topic; it embodies everything I loved about the city. Though it is comfortable to believe that things are alright, and to not speak out against the oppressor, it is our duty to educate ourselves and continue to do so with the language we speak best: art. 

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